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Waterfall Analysis in Excel

waterfall chart in excel

Waterfall Analysis

Waterfall is a form of data visualization, which shows how a value increases or decreases to come to a final result based on starting value.

Microsoft Excel does not have waterfall chart but you can create your own by using a stacked column chart type or download the sample workbook. click here to download a sample workbook

In waterfall chart positive values shows upward segments and negative value shows downward segments.

Waterfall Charts are used in:

• Accounting (Profit-Loss chart)
• Accounting (Product Earnings)
• Accounting (Cost Sheet)
• Inventory Analysis
• Sales Analysis
• Feasibility Analysis
• Sport
• Test Results

June 11, 2015

1 responses on "Waterfall Analysis in Excel"

  1. Nice template. But you can create only simple waterfall charts with this template. If you need for more sophisticated waterfall charts, you should use Waterfall Chart Studio Excel add-in http://fincontrollex.com/?page=products&id=1&lang=en
    By the way, waterfall charts become the standard type in Excel 2016. But if you use older version of Excel, Waterfall Chart Studio will be useful for you.

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