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Super Comparison with Clustered-Stacked Chart

Stacked column chart are good for comparison between categories and each category to whole. In stacked column chart each bar represents the total.

Here we are creating a clustered-stacked chart by which we can easily do the comparison between two categories (for e.g. below Planned and Actual scores of 2012 and 2013). Click Here to download the workbook.

Delhi-Training-Excel-Stacked1 stacked chart in excel 2007


Step 1)      Create your stacked bar chart. (Select your data, click Insert Tab >  click Column Chart (under chart Panel) > click stacked column(under 2-D column)).


steps-to-create-chart stacked chart


In the above chart, we can easily compare the Actual and Planned scores for 2012 and 2013. It helps us in comparing the sum, but it not suited in comparison of each category against each other.

1)      Let’s do a little bit of data manipulation and create the clustered column chart, which will help in comparing data categories wise.

i)                    Rearrange the data table in the below format (insert few blanks series).

how to create stacked column chart

ii) Select the data and create the stacked chart as we created above.

stacked column chart

iii)  Let’s do the little bit beautification in the chart to make it more readable. Reduce the gap between the bars. Select the data series > do right click > select format data series > reduce gap width to zero.

how to format chart color


iv) Change the color of the data series to make it more readable and easy for comparing.


June 11, 2015

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