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Listbox in Excel VBA

An Excel VBA listbox, is a drop down list from where the user can make a choice. Learn how to draw a listbox on your worksheet, how to add items and how to execute result with help of VBA code.

Draw a Listbox

Click on the Insert from the Developer tab and then click on List Box in the Active X controls section.







Draw Listbox in your worksheet and enter some values in column A.










Add Items in Listbox:

Select Design mode from the Developer Tab, then right click on List box and select Properties. Fill A1:A12 for ListFillRange.











Now double click on the Listbox (make sure design mode is selected). Write the below mention code on Listbox Click Event.

Private sub Listbox1_Click()

MsgBox “List box has been clicked, selection is “ & Listbox1

End Sub

Click Here to Download the file

March 15, 2012

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