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Population Pyramid Chart in Excel


Population Pyramids are one of the most basic charts used in demography to show the age and sex structure of population. This article will show you how to create population pyramid chart in Excel 2010.

Click here to download the template

Preparing the data:
Create the table in your excel worksheet in the appropriate or desired age groups or desired regions for both the sexes as per your chart requirement.


Now calculate the percentage of male and female, corresponding to desired regions and groups.


Enter the Formula in the cell F5 (Male Population / Total Population) * -100, negative sign I have used in the formula to place the males in the left side of the graph (=C5/$D$21*-100).
In the same way enter the formula for female group percentage calculations (=D5/$D$21*100). We have not used negative sign here to place the bar on the right hand side.

Now drag the formula to the other cells.

Creating the Pyramid:
Select the Range (F4:H19), click on Insert Tab > select Bar Chart in Charts Panel > click on 2-D stacked bar chart.


The Chart by default will be created on the worksheet, now you can edit it.


To move the vertical axis to the very left hand side of the chart. Select the vertical axis > right click on it > Click Format axis > select axis labels Low.


Now your population pyramid is ready to print (rest of the formatting you can do as per your requirements).


Note : Sample data in the table we have used is from wikipedia.

June 11, 2015

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