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Histogram Analysis

A histogram is a graphical representation (Vertical Bar Chart) showing a visual impression of the distribution of data. It’s help in understanding where majority of values falls.

How to Create Histogram in excel 2007:

Histogram can be constructed in MS excel with the help of column chart tool, to create it follow the below mentioned steps:

Step1: Make sure your analysis tool pack is installed, to install it follow below mentioned steps:
a. Click Microsoft Office button > Excel Options











b. Click Add-ins, In Add-ins dialog box make sure that the “Analysis Toolpak” is selected, and then click ok.












Step 2: Use reference file, for opening it click here Histogram, now click on the “Data” tab and then click “Data Analysis.”

Step 3: Click on “Histogram” and then click on “OK.”

Step 4: In “Input range” field type select “A1:A10” and in “Bin Range” select “B1:B4”. In “Output Options” select “New Worksheet Ply” and select “chart output” and press “OK.”







In “Frequency-Bin” Table, Excel counts the number of data points in each data bin as frequency. In the attached worksheet frequency table, In 20 bin 3 data points occurs, In 40 bin 3 data point and In 60 bin 4.

July 25, 2013

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